Development Workshops


Each year we will run our series of development day workshops as listed below. These workshop days are open to ANYONE who has an interest in end of life work.

Those who undertake the Red Tent End of Life Doula Training programme will be expected to attend a minimum of two of these days as part of the training year.

Cost: £60 per person (£40 for registered Red Tent End of Life Doula Trainees). Where we are running two workshops in one weekend the cost is £100 to attend both days.

Booking is with a 50% deposit or full payment, with balance payments due no later than the day of the workshop.

Email for a booking form.

Workshop Dates

Due to the situation with Covid-19 we don’t currently have any workshop dates available. Please follow our Facebook Page to keep up to date with what we are doing. We hope to return to offering live dates in the autumn of 2020.

Workshop Content

Grief work and Ritual (Radical re-imagining of what we think we know about Grief, includes a Grief Ceremony and introduction to keening)

This one day workshop is an opportunity to sit and be with your own grief. There will be a gentle introduction in the morning into the different ways we can perceive grief; and you will be given opportunity to practice skills for being both with your own grief and also with bereft people. The afternoon will contain a 2.5 hour long grief ritual and ceremony plus an introduction to keening (the art and shamanic act of communal grieving and lamenting). By the end of the day hopefully you will leave with more peace and spaciousness within having released emotion and have some useful tools in your toolbox for being with, AND working with, people in grief.

Kissing the Sacred Darkness – An Introduction to the Shadowlands of Death and Grief

There comes a time, on the spiritual path, when we start to realise the Light is only part of the picture. That “darkness” we fear and try to avoid whispers seductively to us; the longing becomes less about being enlightened and more about being Whole. The whole of Who We Are has all of light and dark in us. We are creatures not just of spring and summer… but of autumn and winter; of cycles and seasons. There comes a time when we start to realise the darkness is sacred. It is the dark moon, the womb, the underworld, the within… the domain of the goddess, of the earth and of the night. We must do away with the lies that darkness is evil; and venture into the shadowlands armed with our courage and open hearts to learn what She has to teach us and to allow Her to hold us. We cannot live in the Light, our eyes need to rest. Rest deeply; surrender; be wrapped and loved and nourished by the Mother. Come Home.

This is a workshop for people who want to experience working with the shadow and beginning to explore what death awareness brings to our lives. This workshop is an introduction to the kind of work that Awen Clement, Alexandra Wilson and team are bringing to this world around End of Life practice, ritual and renewal. Kissing the Darkness is a very gentle and loving way into these subject areas which, for some, are unchartered territory. To be held in a safe, supportive, ceremonial space by two pairs of most trustworthy hands is a great opportunity to allow yourself to start to come ever more fully into your Life and your whole being.

Song, Sound and Silence working with Death and Dying (exploring the Threshold Choir and other voice modalities)

This one day workshop is completely experiential; no talent required as we believe everyone can create beauty with their voice (regardless of what you were told at school!). Come willing to sing, to make sounds, to explore your inner landscape of sound and silence. We will have an introduction to Threshold Singing (which is three part harmonies sung as lullabies to the dying). We will also explore lamenting and keening as well as sharing silence and developing or deepening our own relationship both with our voices and with the space between, the silences. This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to work in communities to raise and share awareness and literacy around positive death; as well as anyone wishing to develop their own voice practice.

Laying out the Dead at Home

This is a practical one day workshop in which we will explore all aspects and considerations of laying out the Dead at home; answering any questions or concerns; and discussing the positives and benefits of reclaiming this ancient practice. There will be demonstrations of how to perform “last offices” for the deceased and we will look at the practical and emotional tools we would need in order to support families to attend to their loved one themselves.

Developing your Spirituality Around Death and Dying

This beautiful one day workshop is open to all who would like to reclaim and explore the spirituality of death and dying. You will be given the opportunity to explore your own feelings about your mortality and develop practices and skills to help you grow deeper into a better, stronger relationship with death. Whatever your faith or belief you will be well met. We will also be exploring how to use inclusive language with potential clients such that we are all able to go beyond our own worldview in order to support the dying and the bereaved to experience their spirituality according to their own beliefs. We will be sharing silence, meditation and wholesome ritual throughout the day.