Ceremony & Ritual

This course is preparation for the task that is upon us today; how to hold space in communities, with families and in your own life for mourning and celebration; both of physical deaths and metaphorical ones.

This course serves established celebrants who wish to deepen and refresh those tired 25 minutes in the crematorium as well as serving anyone who wants to bring more wholesome ceremony and ritual to life. This course was conceived during times of Covid 19.

This is not intended to be a professional qualification but an inner preparation; what is required within you to hold ceremony in your community? How can communities create ceremonies themselves?

This is a preparation space for the 21st Century; a dance between 1. remembering and reimagining the ancient ways of ceremonial rites around death and dying and 2. Co-creating afresh authentic expressions of ceremony through community participation and right relationship with the land and our shared heritage.

It’s a transformative and beautiful journey with unexpected twists that took the two cohorts on the trial into wild and unchartered territory; together and with support.

Are you ready for the adventure?

Next course commences 11th July 2021

Application Linkhttps://szhmu0zqs19.typeform.com/to/h7iqeAPk

Course Cost: £350
Course fee includes:

Workbook study materials
12 x 2 hour sessions with Alexandra (Sunday evening 7-9pm)
12 x 2 hour optional Open Space group sessions with Kimberley (Monday evening 7-9pm)

Deposit of £150 to secure your place, with the balance due before the 12 weeks is complete.

Sundays 7pm – 9pm on Zoom (UK time)

Course Testimonials

“Where to start! the content, the delivery, the relevancy, the honesty. This training surpassed any expectation.

Alexandra you fulfilled the needs of the group so creatively, and held each relevant theme with respect and love. I felt the content was very well planned and accessible. I liked the online aspect, from the perspective that I was in my own sacred home space, each Sat, candle lit, ready for the next download. I appreciated the flexibility and trust. I also valued the opportunity to listen to the lesson the night before, as part of my ritual in preparing for the following day, and having that recording there to lean back into.

I do feel it has given me more courage to contemplate the role of Celebrant. For now I see how to map the arc of ceremony onto my other projects. I feel the confidence building in approaching the work, and will continue to develop this by growing into the newly forming community.” ~ TB


It has been an honour to be one of Alexandra Derwen first trainee Celebrants. It is a course all about death, dying, grief, shock, ritual, ceremony, living wakes funerals, committals and ultimate endings. It was also an opportunity for deep sharing, storytelling and weaving of our shared human experience. Even in the process of exploring infant death, we were able to find deeper meaning and healing. It gave me a huge amount of hope for what can be healed through ritual and ceremony. That the work I wish to realise has huge value beyond what I first imagined and gave rise to my profound work and role as a trauma doula. I look forward to settling into what I have learned making it my own and taking it to the world.” ~ KS


“Alexandra has given to everyone on the course the tools for to develop and work with in order to become celebrants in our own right and style.  This course has been the high point of my week.  I feel bereft as it comes to an end.  It has been so nurturing to spend these 12 weeks in the company of an amazing group of people who shared their experience and knowledge.These sessions have been guided by the caring hands of Alexandra.   Who is unstinting in the sharing of her knowledge and experience. She shares from her heart, her understanding, insights and compassionate approach to the celebration of the life and death of someone has been profound.” ~ RJ


“This course deepened my awareness that all of life and death deserves to be honoured. We need ceremony woven into the weave of everyday life again. Celebrating Life, Love and Land, mourning our losses, honouring our thresholds making change, breathing sacred joy and expressing freely our grief as normal, as healthy, as a way of releasing trauma and not passing it on to the next generation. !2 weeks of work strongly , knowledgedly held by Alexandra.” ~ SB


“The training learned me to deepen my work in Matriarchal Arts. To deepen my consciousness and aligning it with the spirit of Mother Earth and her connection to death and the deceased. Accepting the old reality. Freeing myself of ancestral trauma. Working with what’s unseen and unheard in the field. Expressing it, giving words to it. Using the fields intelligence to set up ceremonies is delicate process but thoroughly in her work of healing the families constellation after a person died.” ~ ALV


“The ceremonialist course facilitated by Alexandra was a deep dive into working with energy- the energy of the family and friends around the death of their loved one. Alexandra spoke from the heart about her own experience, and shared valuable lessons with us in how to approach different situations. Her her, wealth of experience, her honesty and her vulnerability were like an envelope of love and trust that held the group so, so safely while we explored heavy feelings of loss, trauma and ceremony.The 12 weeks of learning flowed so nicely from each topic, and I really feel I have a blueprint for any ceremony I could ever what to hold. That feels so valuable and is exactly what I wanted to learn coming into this course;  How to make even the smallest of occasions into beautiful memories of significant change.I would recommend this course to anyone who has a curiosity for leading ceremony, who enjoys ritual and celebration, and who wants to delve deeper in their own feelings surrounding loss and supporting others in their loss.Thank you so much Alexandra!” ~ Y


“Ritual and ceremony has changed my life. As our life changing i found myself lost.Lost in fear. Lost in memories. Lost and paralysed.How can that be? I have so many tools as a doula as a holistic therapist as a teacher yet at this time i couldn’t get support i needed more tools.The 3 months course with Alexandra did just that and much much more.It gave me the tools I needed to support me in what I feared the most. Saying goodbye to my friend and to my uncle. But gave me the privilege to be able to support other people and families in there journey of life and death.If you want to get back reconnect back to our Ritual back to ceremony back to nature to be able to nurture the soul. This course is for you.” ~ L


“As we all are an ally of the Greater Mystery and a reflection of the nurturing principles within, encompassed by wonder we navigate the present moment into reality with clarity, value and as an expression of Love. So I witnessed Alexandra, the ground she brought through receptivity, remembrance, relearning, acceptance and guidance to acknowledge through times, places and space the deeper meaning of birth, death and rebirth. May we all engage in a more profound way to give birth of freedom of being always and all ways … and to be in peace with death and life itself. Deepest gratitude for your love, wisdom and sharing of deep insights to serve in the field to make the unconscious conscious, the unseen seen and the unheard heard <3” ~ K


“I know it’s a word which gets used and abused alot but it felt like such a gift, “Celebrant” that was always something that spoke to me, I just loved all of it, every theme and every thread you followed. I loved the balance between mainstream and not mainstream and how things are and how things can be and all that it felt like a perfect mix”